Cultural Travel in Mexico

We work groups of minimum 15 people and over and have extensive knowledge of the entire Mexican Republic. We specialize in cultural tours with specific interests: Catholic Tours (Pilgrimage), Architecture, Archaeology, Folklore, Arts & Crafts, Foodie Tours, Comunity, Ecology, Trade Missions, etc.
In short, wherever there is a specific interest, that is our specialty. With this knowledge, we are happy to propose tailor-made itineraries according to the specific needs of each of our clients. These experiences can include:

Architecture Tours

The architectural beauty of Mexico has a great identity with its history and its diversity is present. For its structural, functional and aesthetic richness, many of its constructions are considered world heritage sites. From pre-Hispanic architecture with its monumental works encompassing complete urban designs, passing through the colonial architecture of temples and haciendas, mixing indigenous traditions and Catholicism. The republican architecture that had strong European influences in the nineteenth century with its neoclassic and eclectic tendencies. The Art Noveau and Art Decó styles make their presence at the beginning of the twentieth century and then give way to the New Mexican Architecture seeking its nationality and differentiation, reaching in more recent times to the modern architecture with its organic trend and construction infrastructure with innovative techniques.

Archeological Tours

In the territory that is now known as Mexico, hundreds of nations, civilizations and cultures emerged before the arrival of the Europeans. Today we have a testimony of them through the mysterious ruins of their impressive cities. A stone legacy. From the Olmecs to the Mexicans, we can know the lifestyle, social hierarchy, customs, beliefs and many more things about our ancestors thanks to the remains of their civilizations. Mexico is a true archaeological paradise that you must discover!

Folklore Tours

The cultural life of Mexico is endless, fall in love with its museums, venues and theaters. Get to know the best cultural routes and attend the most important festivals in the country: the celebration of Day of the Dead, the parade of "alebrijes" in Mexico City, the flyers of Papantla, the emblematic wrestling or the rides in "trajineras" in Xochimilco. Enjoy its countless museums, being that Mexico City is the capital with the most museums in the world; from the most famous to the unknown, contemporary art galleries as well as folk dances, some of which were named World Heritage by UNESCO. 

Arts & Crafts Tours

Mexican hands are among the most skilled in the World and our arts and crafts are varied and beautiful. We have contacts with literally hundreds of artists and craftsmen, from Merida to Los Cabos, to design the shopping experience of a lifetime!

Also, we can arrange classes with well renowned –and not so well known- artists so you can create your own pieces to display and show off in your private spaces.

Foodie Tours

Mexican gastronomy is without doubt, an unparalleled attraction to the palate that not only shows a historical continuity, but it enjoys an important role as an element of identity for Mexican people. it rests on products originating in their land and boasts high creativity in their cuisine, which over the centuries has been perfecting its technique, maintaining the essence of traditional cuisine.

This is why since 2010, Mexican gastronomy has been declared an Intangible Cultural World Heritage by UNESCO. Thanks to this, it was exalted that Mexico's cuisine be considered a crucial element of national identity due to its history, creativity, diversity and international significance.

Community Tours

​Have you ever wondered what ever happened to the Mayans, the Aztecs (Mexicas) or Totonacs? The answer is “nothing”, they are alive and proud of mantaining their heritage, customs and language. In fact, over 20 languages and 70 dialects are spoken in Mexico to this day.

​Having the opportunity to meet, learn and even help an indigenous community is a unique experience that wll be with you for your whole life.​

Ecology Tours

From deserts to forests, from jungles to oceans: Mexico has been blessed with some of the most varied and beautiful countrysides in the World that offer the opportunity for unique experiences in communion with nature such as yoga by a waterfall or stays in the middle of the jungle.

Trade Missions

We organize all kinds of customized government and corporate business missions: meetings with authorities, meetings with potential clients, work schedules, visits to facilities, exhibitions and / or presentations, visits to points of sale in the destination market, organizing all aspects of the business trip.

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